Winter Steelhead started late for us due to Trade shows and Flu bugs but we finally got out in March. »

Clack Attack Winter Steelhead Fishing Its that time again everyone and here is Glenn Hall of HawgQuest with the Clackacraft »

Check out Big Dave as he goes to net the Fish. See what happens now and watch the video for »   Click on the link above to Get your official HawgQuest Hoodie and stay warm for the winter!! »

  After a long Summer and long into Fall I’m ready for some Winter Steelhead! This one fell to a »

Check out Glenn Hall host of Hawg Quest with a Riggin of the Day tactic for Winter Steelhead Drift and »

Left to right, Glenn,Shane,Jenna, and Matt Opening day Cascade Elk. Notice Jenna looking at Matt’s trail cam he set up »

Calvin and Rett with the big king of the day. Nick Amato with a nice Silver Drew having a great »

The end of August we had the pleasure of fishing with Chad’s Coastwide Sports Fishing out of Port Hardy on »

Dave Hawkeli with a nice Washington Albacore caught out of Westport in Early September.. “We were on a tuna ball »