Winter Steelhead and Friends 2014

Winter Steelhead started late for us due to Trade shows and Flu bugs but we finally got out in March. This Buck came off the North Umpqua and fell to a yarn ball and row. Shane hooked this one on a double beaded jig. We did some bank fishing too. We spent a couple days up at the River Vista …

TajWinter Steelhead and Friends 2014

Hawg Quest Hoodies

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TajHawg Quest Hoodies

Steelhead Fever!

  After a long Summer and long into Fall I’m ready for some Winter Steelhead! This one fell to a jig last year. This one, I saw a piece of water I liked so I pulled the clack to the bank and walked up to find this nice late season Head. I pass up a lot of good looking spots because the …

TajSteelhead Fever!

2013 hunting

Shane and Glenn taking a snack break. Elk wasn’t the only thing I was looking for. The Shrooms were popping Found a old hike in camp we had on a past hunt. My table is falling down. Venison Steaks on a open fire! Shane after a hard day of chasing Elk. Well we didn’t get a Elk this year but …

Taj2013 hunting

Slammin day on the Slammer

Calvin and Rett with the big king of the day. Nick Amato with a nice Silver Drew having a great day on the water. Drew and his Dad Martin got the first fish of the day. Taj’s Brother Kerr, His mom behind Kerr, Taj in the background,and Rett’s little Girl Kylee.  Not sure how to spell it so sorry…lol Calvin …

TajSlammin day on the Slammer

Hawg Quest in Port Hardy BC

The end of August we had the pleasure of fishing with Chad’s Coastwide Sports Fishing out of Port Hardy on the North East Vancouver Island. We targeted Tyee kings off the coast of the main land. The first two kings I donated to the seals. I never even seen them but they can hold they’re breath for a very long …

TajHawg Quest in Port Hardy BC

Hawgili gets into Washington Tuna

Dave Hawkeli with a nice Washington Albacore caught out of Westport in Early September.. “We were on a tuna ball for four hours solid, all on live bait!” Dave Hawgili,,,,,,, Dave and the boys Dave,  Grey Kindrick, John Allen, Mike White John Allen Mike White  

TajHawgili gets into Washington Tuna

Hawg Quest joins the Tyee Club

Taj enjoying a evening fish in the Tyee Pool at the mouth of the Campbell River BC. Glenn and Dwayne Mustard Fish Master of OBMG’s Painters Lodge rowing in the Tyee pool. Other members of the Tyee Club enjoying the evening fish. What is Tyee Fishing? Painter’s Lodge offers traditional tyee fishing from classic rowboats in the Tyee Pools. Anglers …

TajHawg Quest joins the Tyee Club