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June’s Club Hawg Quest Winners!!!!

June Club Winners


If you see that you are a winner and don’t receive an email from Hawg Quest, be sure and somehow get a hold of us. Some emails are getting kicked back to us and we do not have access to you phone numbers or addresses.


STS Magazine                    Ron Fescina

Dave’s Tangle free            Randall Dewey

WACO                                 Doreen Maddox

DFA                                     Donald Osborne

X2 Flasher                          Ashley Clarke

Slayem                                Michael Lewis

Scopeshield                        Greg Marcus

HQ gear                              Joanna Cook

Shortbus                             Robert Adams

XFactor                               Steven Young

Folbe                                   Preston Saurman

Oregon Blades                   Dave Mower

Hook um Good                  Fred Hall

WFO                                    Lee Hashimoto

Super Dipping Sauce        Cynthia Miller

Glenn Hall Guide Service now open for business!

That is right! Glenn is now a licensed guide. After many Emails and request for trips, Glenn finally broke down and got it. Salmon, Steelhead, Trout, and Bass are the main focus. Winter Steelhead on the North and South Umpqua. Smallmouth on the Main Umpqua. Trout in the high lakes. Glenn also plans to take it on the road. Glenn has the Wilson River Lodge on the upper Wilson River to guide out of by special request only. Trips with Hawg Quest guides and Glenn as a guest are also possible by request.

Aug. 2010 123 Copy of steelhead 2010 203

IMG_1441 IMG_4132IMG_4046 IMG_5776 IMG_5793 IMG_5990IMG_2685 IMG_4065IMG_4137 IMG_5745 IMG_4037 IMG_3682 IMG_3664IMG_0342 IMG_2913 IMG_0175 IMG_2300 IMG_2101 IMG_2146 IMG_2195 IMG_2948 IMG_2992


45+ years of fishing experience, 25 years of experience on the Umpqua, and 11 years experience as the NW leading fishing show host.

Glenn is only part time so you better book today!

Making a show with us is also a possibility!

Call Glenn @ 541 784 8531

New Television Schedule







Watch us twice a week on Rootsports

7:30 AM Sundays and 6;30Am Wednesdays

CH 687 DirectTV CH 426 Dishnet

Check local listings for Cable CH.


Watch Hawg Quest

Every Saturday 4 PM

on Ch 23 KEVU MyTV Eugene Oregon


Hunting 2014




Hunting for myself started out with some Timber Chickens.

Notice the one in the center is a Blue.



It was good to be back in the woods.


Got a chance to take my youngest boy Brandon seen here shooting the Ten-Twenty two.


On the way up to Elk Camp I ran into a old friend that just dragged out a Bear.

Way to go J-Bird!


Shane I were the first two to arrive in Camp.

We were lucky enough to get the tarp up before the rain hit.


Ribeye and Rice made it all good!


Brother in laws were next to show.

This picture was taken the day before the start of our hunt.


It may not look like it but we had a sweet camp.

The green tarp was to protect the kitchen area.

IMG_3205 IMG_3237



This is a few days into the hunt.

Poor Shane was plain tuckered out.

Tiny in the background. He came up with his boy Matt.Sorry no pictures of Matt


Deep n the brush taking a rest with Bro Steve Warner behind me.

IMG_3270 IMG_3269

Shane and the other bro Jason Misner.


I brought the Clack up in hopes of taking some time and fish.

But no Elk so I hunted the whole time and didn’t fish but helped haul some gear and made things much easier for me.

Back home we had a coupe of weeks left of deer season.



Jason got this awesome 4 point Blacktail out on the folks place.

IMG_3432IMG_3400IMG_3409Don Howard got this Big Buck just out of Roseburg.

It was in full rut and looking for Does in all the wrong places.


Here is my Buck for 2014. Got it on the same place Jason did just on a different part of property.

What we have been up to this Summer………


The first big trip of the Summer for me was to the Kenai River with Pete Tracy and friends.

Didn’t film this and the fishing wasn’t good for Kings.

But I had a great time none the less. look forward to my next trip up!


Our next big trip was to Sitka to visit Derek with Reel Class Charters. Bobbis, Nick Amato, and Taj came as usual.

The new guy was Hawgili and he had it dialed. Derek named Dave and Nick “the Human Down-riggers”.

Three days and no need for Down-riggers. All Mooching and what fun!


Between trips I enjoyed Smallmouth as much as I could.


I got up to Buoy Ten and fished with Reyhan Higgins Tripple C Outfitters. I was there on tough days but Reyhan didn’t disappoint.


Taj and I took a trip up to Port Hardy to fish with Chad’s Coastwide Sportsfishing. It was a great trip and will be a great show.


We ended the Summer with a White water combo fishing trip down the Rogue with Noah’s wilderness Adventures.

Another fantastic trip coming soon to a TV near you!

Now I’m getting ready for Hunting season. You may have noticed my hunting beard in the picture.

If your hunting too please be safe and be sure of what you shoot…Now go get yourself a Hawg!


Winter Steelhead and Friends 2014


Winter Steelhead started late for us due to Trade shows and Flu bugs but we finally got out in March. This Buck came off the North Umpqua and fell to a yarn ball and row.


Shane hooked this one on a double beaded jig.




We did some bank fishing too.


We spent a couple days up at the River Vista Vacation Homes up the North Umpqua. The fishing was fair to moderate. Nobody around and we had the river mostly to ourselves. River Vista is Hawg Quests home away from home…..


Not a lot of Hatchery fish on the North Umpqua Winter run so they all go back. I did manage a fin clip fish. The only fish I have tagged this year so far.


Don Howard cooking Elk Steaks on the rivers edge.


These days I like to take a jig rod along when we go side drifting. There are a lot of fishing spots that jigs fish great when drift fishing doesn’t work so well.


This big hen fell to a yarn ball. To be honest Shane caught this fish and I held it up so to get it back in the H2O as fast as we could. I felt this hen went in the high teens. The picture doesn’t do it justice.


Here is Shane with another nice fish that fell to the yarn.

Winter Metalhead Rewind!

Check out Big Dave as he goes to net the Fish. See what happens now and watch the video for your self. Fish-On with Hawg Quest Videos!

Steelhead Fever!


After a long Summer and long into Fall I’m ready for some Winter Steelhead!

This one fell to a jig last year.


This one, I saw a piece of water I liked so I pulled the clack to the bank and walked up to find this nice late season Head. I pass up a lot of good looking spots because the boat can’t get to it or it’s not in the main drift. Getting out and walking to it can pay off. Having a Clackacraft does helps me get to spots Metal boats just can’t get me too.

Winter Steelhead Riggin of the Day

Check out Glenn Hall host of Hawg Quest with a Riggin of the Day tactic for Winter Steelhead Drift and Side Drifting method.