February Club Winners!

February Club Winners

If you see you are a winner and don’t receive an email from Hawgquest or a return email, be sure and give us a call. Some emails are getting kicked back to us and we do not have access to your phone numbers or addresses.


DFA Tackle              Dean Wilsey

Super Dip Sauce       Adam Mattson

HQ Gear                     Delaine Cutsforth

Hookumgood              Shane Sehlin

STS                            Harry Nicholson

X2 Flashers              Rejeana Hartzell

Shortbus                     Earl Blomquist

WACO                     Derek Hindman

Dave’s Tagl Free       Chris Mills

Oregon Blades              Dennis Sucamele

Slayem                     Hillary Wraspir

X Factor                     Heidi Wistie

Scopeshield              Jeffrey Erceg

Folbe                     Bruce Doyea