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Hawg Quest off the air????

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   Well it is true After 11 years and 225 episodes Hawg Quest is no longer on TV. No we did not have a falling out or anything like that. Life just got in the way. We the HQ crew are all good and healthy. Taj has taken over the family biz in Roseburg and is doing very well with it. Glenn has started guiding fishing locally and calls his new biz Glenn Hall Adventures. Tom Male is still rockin out and lovin life. We plan to keep Club Hawg Quest active until April. After that we are up in the air. 


   We really want to take the time to thank all of you for the support you have shown us all these years. It has always been our goal to make entertaining TV first above all even at the cost of our own dignity. It could have been very easy for us to take moneys and sell out to product demonstrations and phony endorsements. But we didn’t! We presented the NW fishing scene as we found it. We also got to fish with the top guides and outfitters for Southern Oregon to the Bering Sea. We made some wonderful friends and one or two enemies over the years. So many memories from the last 11 years it is hard to think of just one. I think the best part is all the joy we brought to so many through our little show. I got a call just yesterday thanking us for the inspiration we brought to them. Little kids singing the theme song on Youtube to grown men singing it to us on the water. Seeing HQ shirts and hats in FB posts to Magazine photos has been a thrill to say the least. HQ stickers all over the NW and beyond. WOW! You guys have been what makes all the struggles worth it. We can not thank you enough! 


As for the future of Hawg Quest? Well time will tell. But for now you can go on a real Hawg Quest with Glenn himself. Glenn is also booking trips for some of his Hawg Quest friends. You can contact Glenn and book a trip by calling him at 541 784 8531. Or go to his website 



February Club Winners!

February Club Winners

If you see you are a winner and don’t receive an email from Hawgquest or a return email, be sure and give us a call. Some emails are getting kicked back to us and we do not have access to your phone numbers or addresses.


DFA Tackle              Dean Wilsey

Super Dip Sauce       Adam Mattson

HQ Gear                     Delaine Cutsforth

Hookumgood              Shane Sehlin

STS                            Harry Nicholson

X2 Flashers              Rejeana Hartzell

Shortbus                     Earl Blomquist

WACO                     Derek Hindman

Dave’s Tagl Free       Chris Mills

Oregon Blades              Dennis Sucamele

Slayem                     Hillary Wraspir

X Factor                     Heidi Wistie

Scopeshield              Jeffrey Erceg

Folbe                     Bruce Doyea


So it has been a while since we last posted anything good.

We went to Kodiak back in May and we hope to have a new show for you very soon. We also have a few films from last year that we hope to get out before the end of 15.


Glenn started a new business called  Glenn Hall Adventures. Yes he did change the name for those of you keeping score. He is now guiding locally around the Umpqua River. That’s the Roseburg Oregon part for those that are wondering. He is also taking bookings for some of our Hawg Quest guides around the North West and Alaska. Just call Glenn for more details. You can find his number in the contacts.


Glenn has been busy putting a website together for his new biz. The site address is   Go check it out!

During the month of August Glenn is offering half price on Smallmouth Bass trips. Glenn averages over 100 Bass per day.



He is also booking a trip with Reyhon Higgins of Tripple C Outfitters out of Astoria Oregon. We are looking for 6 People to join us on the 20th of September for lights out Silvers and possibly a King on the Columbia River. Glenn will be the deck hand for this trip.



Taj has been super busy too. He had a local biz dropped in his lap a few years ago from a family member and has put a ton of effort into making it a go. We are happy to say he has got the biz up and running in the black. Unfortunately it has cut into Hawg Quest editing production time and that is why  so many re-runs. The good news is we have 230 re-runs of HQ now. Taj prefers to keep the business name anonymous.  Trust me its boring at best,,,lol

Winter Metalhead Rewind!

Check out Big Dave as he goes to net the Fish. See what happens now and watch the video for your self. Fish-On with Hawg Quest Videos!

2013 hunting

Glenn, Matt, Jenna and Shane

Glenn, Matt, Jenna and Shane Left to right, Glenn,Shane,Jenna, and Matt Opening day Cascade Elk. Notice Jenna looking at Matt’s trail cam he set up three weeks earlier on our secret wallow. It showed a six point bull a week earlier. It also showed us a bear, a five point bull, a few smaller bulls, and a dandy three point buck. It gave us some high hopes. FYI Jenna had a tag but Matt bow hunted and was helping his new bride find a bull.


Shane and Glenn taking a snack break.


Elk wasn’t the only thing I was looking for. The Shrooms were popping


Found a old hike in camp we had on a past hunt. My table is falling down.


Venison Steaks on a open fire!


Shane after a hard day of chasing Elk.

Well we didn’t get a Elk this year but We did get our bucks!


Here I am will my Niece Olivia. She helped me drag my buck out. A nice little 3×4 Blacktail.


My oldest boy Alex with his forkin horn.


Hawgili’s Eastern Washington Mulie.


Lucky Jim’s lucky forky!


My buddies kids buddy got this awesome four point Blacktail opening day.


Hawgili with his Wyoming Six Point Bull.


Hawg Quest in Port Hardy BC


The end of August we had the pleasure of fishing with Chad’s Coastwide Sports Fishing out of Port Hardy on the North East Vancouver Island. We targeted Tyee kings off the coast of the main land. The first two kings I donated to the seals. I never even seen them but they can hold they’re breath for a very long time. As much as I tried I couldn’t turn the seal and finally I lost them. Luckily there were only two around so once they were full they left us alone. The first day I managed to land one just around thirty pounds pictured above. IMG_1360

The Pinks and Silvers are plentiful this time of year and if you get bored targeting Kings the Humpies and Silvers are ready biters.


All Chad’s boat are Grady White’s and are very comfortable to fish from.





Glenn long arming a king or should I say a “Spring”

I did manage to hook into a monster before I had to leave. It put up a hard fight and ended up pulling the hooks free. Darn barbless!

I highly recommend fishing with Chad’s Coastwide Sports Fishing up in Port Hardy. Port Hardy is a easy drive from the Puget Sound area and Chad has your total trip all dialed in and ready for you to enjoy. The trip included our Hotel,Food, and processing of all our fish by a professional packing house ready for transport back to the USA. Chad told me the price of the three day package and he is very reasonable. I would dare to say its cheap but the experience is anything but cheap! Get a hold of Chad and book for next year now. Openings are few and going quick!

1 877 779 9094


X2flashers makes custom flashers for Hawg Quest


Awesome new flasher from X2flashers made special for Glenn Hall only. I sure you can get the color but not the HQ cut out. Maybe someday……I used these flashers last year in Aberdeen for Fall Chinook and had great results. I’m looking forward to using this one this Fall.