Winter Steelhead Riggin of the Day

Check out Glenn Hall host of Hawg Quest with a Riggin of the Day tactic for Winter Steelhead Drift and Side Drifting method.

Umpqua Smallies, Fun and Sun!

Don Howard and a South Umpqua Smallmouth Bass caught on a top water minnow.

Don Howard and a South Umpqua Smallmouth Bass caught on a top water minnow.


We have been playing with the Western Fishing Operations Fresh Water Plastics with great success.

The Umpqua Smallmouth Bass love ’em.


My go to rig is a 1/8 oz jig and a Neon Shad “PD” Bass Worm 5.5″.  Fish it slow. Look for currents and ambush points like large rocks, logs, vegetation or any thing a Bass can hide.  Note: I’m talking about river fishing although this should work in still water.


A football jig and a “MD” Craw 3.5″. The Green Pumpkin has been working very well. I like to drop these to the bottom fast and let it sit still for a fair amount of time. Ten, twenty seconds, or even longer. Then shake the line while not trying to move the jig too much. Just enough to make it come alive like a crawdad. The bite will be soft so be aware and ready to set the hook. This is a great method for larger fish.


Tube baits are always a good crawdad imitation. This one has a 1/4 oz Sickle hook jig inside. There are a ton of ways to rig a tube but a lead head jig is a easy way to fish tubes. Just like the “MD” Craw fish the tube along the bottom slowly. Sometimes the bite is a tick. Set the hook fast when you get the tick bite. They don’t hold on very long and the bigger ones rarely come back for a second try.


Probably my favorite way to fish is “Top Water”.  In the picture I have a 1/0 octopus hook and a soft bait minnow hooked through the nose. I’m using 6 pound test CX Premium P-Line in Moss Green and a 6’6″ Homewaters Rods from Fetha Styx. I like to make long casts and dance the minnow across the surface while trying to make it look like a shad minnow being chased by a larger fish. I use jerky motions and reeling to imitate a real bait fish. It’s awesome watching Bass roll up on my bait while I’m making it dance. It helps to fish this style where there is a lot of minnows and Bass. If there are no Minnows around this is not the best way to fish. Going with a crawfish pattern or worm will bring you more success in those conditions. Poppers work great too! Try frog patterns along lake and stream edges. The action isn’t as fast as minnows but it can be just as fun.


A pair of Mardon Smallies caught on a Tube bait.

Try live herring mooching for King Salmon



Most of us are quick to cut plug our herring to get the perfect roll Salmon can not resist. But when possible try mooching live herring. All you really need is a herring jig set up, A cut down plastic barrel preferably blue. Re-attach the top the barrel and ad a flip lid  for easy access. Then use the boats wash down to fill the barrel with sea water and keep you herring fresh. Then while fishing hopefully you will find a good bait-ball.  Once you do just drop the Herring jig into the bait ball and hopefully you will bring back several herring per drop. After a few successful jigs you will have plenty of bait swimming around in your barrel. Now just used a simple mooching rig. A banana weight with 5′ to 6′ of leader and a tandem hook rig set to the size of herring being used. Use the lead hook to hold the bait by either hooking it through the lip and nose or through its back not hitting the spine wounding the Herring. Now just put it in the water with the salmon and wait. Just before a strike normally the herring will get excited and really get active as you could imagine when a herring start to get chased by a Salmon.  A very cool bite indeed!  This can be a very effective method when fishing spooky fish. Letting the boat free drift through a hot zone with out  making a ton of noise. You can also stay on a hot spot longer than you could trolling. or hover over a spot. Its a little more work but sometimes a little more reward.