So it has been a while since we last posted anything good.

We went to Kodiak back in May and we hope to have a new show for you very soon. We also have a few films from last year that we hope to get out before the end of 15.


Glenn started a new business called  Glenn Hall Adventures. Yes he did change the name for those of you keeping score. He is now guiding locally around the Umpqua River. That’s the Roseburg Oregon part for those that are wondering. He is also taking bookings for some of our Hawg Quest guides around the North West and Alaska. Just call Glenn for more details. You can find his number in the contacts.


Glenn has been busy putting a website together for his new biz. The site address is   Go check it out!

During the month of August Glenn is offering half price on Smallmouth Bass trips. Glenn averages over 100 Bass per day.



He is also booking a trip with Reyhon Higgins of Tripple C Outfitters out of Astoria Oregon. We are looking for 6 People to join us on the 20th of September for lights out Silvers and possibly a King on the Columbia River. Glenn will be the deck hand for this trip.



Taj has been super busy too. He had a local biz dropped in his lap a few years ago from a family member and has put a ton of effort into making it a go. We are happy to say he has got the biz up and running in the black. Unfortunately it has cut into Hawg Quest editing production time and that is why  so many re-runs. The good news is we have 230 re-runs of HQ now. Taj prefers to keep the business name anonymous.  Trust me its boring at best,,,lol