Hawg Quest in Port Hardy BC


The end of August we had the pleasure of fishing with Chad’s Coastwide Sports Fishing out of Port Hardy on the North East Vancouver Island. We targeted Tyee kings off the coast of the main land. The first two kings I donated to the seals. I never even seen them but they can hold they’re breath for a very long time. As much as I tried I couldn’t turn the seal and finally I lost them. Luckily there were only two around so once they were full they left us alone. The first day I managed to land one just around thirty pounds pictured above. IMG_1360

The Pinks and Silvers are plentiful this time of year and if you get bored targeting Kings the Humpies and Silvers are ready biters.


All Chad’s boat are Grady White’s and are very comfortable to fish from.





Glenn long arming a king or should I say a “Spring”

I did manage to hook into a monster before I had to leave. It put up a hard fight and ended up pulling the hooks free. Darn barbless!

I highly recommend fishing with Chad’s Coastwide Sports Fishing up in Port Hardy. Port Hardy is a easy drive from the Puget Sound area and Chad has your total trip all dialed in and ready for you to enjoy. The trip included our Hotel,Food, and processing of all our fish by a professional packing house ready for transport back to the USA. Chad told me the price of the three day package and he is very reasonable. I would dare to say its cheap but the experience is anything but cheap! Get a hold of Chad and book for next year now. Openings are few and going quick!

1 877 779 9094    www.coastwidesportsfishing.com