Hawg Quest off the air????

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   Well it is true After 11 years and 225 episodes Hawg Quest is no longer on TV. No we did not have a falling out or anything like that. Life just got in the way. We the HQ crew are all good and healthy. Taj has taken over the family biz in Roseburg and is doing very well with it. Glenn has started guiding fishing locally and calls his new biz Glenn Hall Adventures. Tom Male is still rockin out and lovin life. We plan to keep Club Hawg Quest active until April. After that we are up in the air. 


   We really want to take the time to thank all of you for the support you have shown us all these years. It has always been our goal to make entertaining TV first above all even at the cost of our own dignity. It could have been very easy for us to take moneys and sell out to product demonstrations and phony endorsements. But we didn’t! We presented the NW fishing scene as we found it. We also got to fish with the top guides and outfitters for Southern Oregon to the Bering Sea. We made some wonderful friends and one or two enemies over the years. So many memories from the last 11 years it is hard to think of just one. I think the best part is all the joy we brought to so many through our little show. I got a call just yesterday thanking us for the inspiration we brought to them. Little kids singing the theme song on Youtube to grown men singing it to us on the water. Seeing HQ shirts and hats in FB posts to Magazine photos has been a thrill to say the least. HQ stickers all over the NW and beyond. WOW! You guys have been what makes all the struggles worth it. We can not thank you enough! 


As for the future of Hawg Quest? Well time will tell. But for now you can go on a real Hawg Quest with Glenn himself. Glenn is also booking trips for some of his Hawg Quest friends. You can contact Glenn and book a trip by calling him at 541 784 8531. Or go to his website glennhalladventures.wordpress.com