2013 hunting

Glenn, Matt, Jenna and Shane

Glenn, Matt, Jenna and Shane Left to right, Glenn,Shane,Jenna, and Matt Opening day Cascade Elk. Notice Jenna looking at Matt’s trail cam he set up three weeks earlier on our secret wallow. It showed a six point bull a week earlier. It also showed us a bear, a five point bull, a few smaller bulls, and a dandy three point buck. It gave us some high hopes. FYI Jenna had a tag but Matt bow hunted and was helping his new bride find a bull.


Shane and Glenn taking a snack break.


Elk wasn’t the only thing I was looking for. The Shrooms were popping


Found a old hike in camp we had on a past hunt. My table is falling down.


Venison Steaks on a open fire!


Shane after a hard day of chasing Elk.

Well we didn’t get a Elk this year but We did get our bucks!


Here I am will my Niece Olivia. She helped me drag my buck out. A nice little 3×4 Blacktail.


My oldest boy Alex with his forkin horn.


Hawgili’s Eastern Washington Mulie.


Lucky Jim’s lucky forky!


My buddies kids buddy got this awesome four point Blacktail opening day.


Hawgili with his Wyoming Six Point Bull.


Slammin day on the Slammer


Calvin and Rett with the big king of the day.


Nick Amato with a nice Silver


Drew having a great day on the water. Drew and his Dad Martin got the first fish of the day.


Taj’s Brother Kerr, His mom behind Kerr, Taj in the background,and Rett’s little Girl Kylee.  Not sure how to spell it so sorry…lol


Calvin Getting crazy! Glenn, Calvin, and Gregg Morris


The Skipper at the helm.


A fine catch.


Zane, Calvin, Nick Amato, Kenny in the white HQ shirt, and Gregg Morris in the far background


Chocolate Snowman and the Hawgkiller


Bob Spar


Glenn, Drew, and Martin…Bob Spar and Bob Carr in the background.





Hawg Quest in Port Hardy BC


The end of August we had the pleasure of fishing with Chad’s Coastwide Sports Fishing out of Port Hardy on the North East Vancouver Island. We targeted Tyee kings off the coast of the main land. The first two kings I donated to the seals. I never even seen them but they can hold they’re breath for a very long time. As much as I tried I couldn’t turn the seal and finally I lost them. Luckily there were only two around so once they were full they left us alone. The first day I managed to land one just around thirty pounds pictured above. IMG_1360

The Pinks and Silvers are plentiful this time of year and if you get bored targeting Kings the Humpies and Silvers are ready biters.


All Chad’s boat are Grady White’s and are very comfortable to fish from.





Glenn long arming a king or should I say a “Spring”

I did manage to hook into a monster before I had to leave. It put up a hard fight and ended up pulling the hooks free. Darn barbless!

I highly recommend fishing with Chad’s Coastwide Sports Fishing up in Port Hardy. Port Hardy is a easy drive from the Puget Sound area and Chad has your total trip all dialed in and ready for you to enjoy. The trip included our Hotel,Food, and processing of all our fish by a professional packing house ready for transport back to the USA. Chad told me the price of the three day package and he is very reasonable. I would dare to say its cheap but the experience is anything but cheap! Get a hold of Chad and book for next year now. Openings are few and going quick!

1 877 779 9094    www.coastwidesportsfishing.com


Hawgili gets into Washington Tuna


Dave Hawkeli with a nice Washington Albacore caught out of Westport in Early September.. “We were on a tuna ball for four hours solid, all on live bait!” Dave Hawgili,,,,,,,


Dave and the boys


Dave,  Grey Kindrick, John Allen, Mike White


John Allen


Mike White


Hawg Quest joins the Tyee Club


Taj enjoying a evening fish in the Tyee Pool at the mouth of the Campbell River BC.


Glenn and Dwayne Mustard Fish Master of OBMG’s Painters Lodge rowing in the Tyee pool.


Other members of the Tyee Club enjoying the evening fish.

What is Tyee Fishing?

Painter’s Lodge offers traditional tyee fishing from classic rowboats in the Tyee Pools. Anglers who catch a Tyee become members of the Tyee Club of British Columbia. It is open to any anglers who want to test their skill at sport fishing. The rower will slip the boat into the currents and eddies of the pool, allowing the angler to stay focused on the action of the lure. Any change in the beat of the rod tip will signify a strike. It is then up to the angler to set the hook and battle the powerful Chinook to the boat – single-handedly. If the fish is successfully boated and weighs over 30 lbs., the catch is recorded and the angler has earned a membership in the Tyee Club.

The Birth Of The Tyee Club

Painter's Lodge Tyee salmon fishing

In 1924, three men were socializing in the local hotel. They decided that the Tyee salmon was just as great as the California Tuna and therefore deserved a club to celebrate, honour and protect the legendary species. The Tyee Club was officially created in 1925 with the formation of a set of rules. It has evolved to include the following objectives:

  • fostering the interest in Canada’s Chinook salmon,
  • emphasizing the ideals of sportsmanship, and
  • standardizing fishing tackle, encouraging young people into the craft of guiding and good sportsmanship.

Want to know more or book a trip click here: www.OBMG.com


Great day at Buoy Ten

IMG_1312  IMG_1306IMG_1317IMG_1321IMG_1314

What a day with Reel Time fishing and guide Toby Wyatt out at Buoy Ten August 20th. The bite good to red hot at times and if not for barbless hooks we would have had a box full. We did manage a few bright Kings and I kept a nice Coho.

Bonner Daniels gets the Chrome!


Bonner Daniels and Calvin Sampson with a pair of Skykomish Kings.

Yes that is a rescue truck in the background.

A driftboat sank with three guys in it.

Everyone is OK and safe but a little cold and wet for their trouble.

Umpqua Smallies, Fun and Sun!

Don Howard and a South Umpqua Smallmouth Bass caught on a top water minnow.

Don Howard and a South Umpqua Smallmouth Bass caught on a top water minnow.


We have been playing with the Western Fishing Operations Fresh Water Plastics with great success.

The Umpqua Smallmouth Bass love ’em.


My go to rig is a 1/8 oz jig and a Neon Shad “PD” Bass Worm 5.5″.  Fish it slow. Look for currents and ambush points like large rocks, logs, vegetation or any thing a Bass can hide.  Note: I’m talking about river fishing although this should work in still water.


A football jig and a “MD” Craw 3.5″. The Green Pumpkin has been working very well. I like to drop these to the bottom fast and let it sit still for a fair amount of time. Ten, twenty seconds, or even longer. Then shake the line while not trying to move the jig too much. Just enough to make it come alive like a crawdad. The bite will be soft so be aware and ready to set the hook. This is a great method for larger fish.


Tube baits are always a good crawdad imitation. This one has a 1/4 oz Sickle hook jig inside. There are a ton of ways to rig a tube but a lead head jig is a easy way to fish tubes. Just like the “MD” Craw fish the tube along the bottom slowly. Sometimes the bite is a tick. Set the hook fast when you get the tick bite. They don’t hold on very long and the bigger ones rarely come back for a second try.


Probably my favorite way to fish is “Top Water”.  In the picture I have a 1/0 octopus hook and a soft bait minnow hooked through the nose. I’m using 6 pound test CX Premium P-Line in Moss Green and a 6’6″ Homewaters Rods from Fetha Styx. I like to make long casts and dance the minnow across the surface while trying to make it look like a shad minnow being chased by a larger fish. I use jerky motions and reeling to imitate a real bait fish. It’s awesome watching Bass roll up on my bait while I’m making it dance. It helps to fish this style where there is a lot of minnows and Bass. If there are no Minnows around this is not the best way to fish. Going with a crawfish pattern or worm will bring you more success in those conditions. Poppers work great too! Try frog patterns along lake and stream edges. The action isn’t as fast as minnows but it can be just as fun.


A pair of Mardon Smallies caught on a Tube bait.

Success in Sitka


Best bite we have ever seen for Kings while Mooching herring. Only allowed one king per year for non-res. So as it always happens we get the biggest king after we tagged out. It was in the 40lb club. You’ll have to wait and see it when the show comes out. Between four of us we brought home 400 lbs of fresh fish!.   Thanks Reel Class Charters